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The Workplace tab is a directory that allows you to find and view the profile of any Celo user within your company.

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  1. Head to the network.png My Network section of Celo.
  2. Press and open the Workplace tab.

The following functionalities are available in Workplace:

search-24px.svg Search

Search for a particular colleague on Celo. You may type in:

  • the name of a work colleague
  • a particular department in your workplace

For more information regarding search, see this article.

View a colleague's profile by tapping on their name.

home-24px.svg Switch Workplace Directories

Provided that you have access to more than one workplace, you may choose to view the directory for another workplace.

  1. Press the home-24px.svg name of the currently open workplace.
  2. On the list that appears, find the workplace you wish to browse.

Contact List

All of your colleagues that have a Celo account will appear in Workplace. The list is grouped by departments, and sorted alphabetically by first name.

View a colleague's profile by tapping on their name.

Can't find your colleague?

  • Try swiping down from the top of the contacts list to fetch the most up-to-date version.
  • Your colleague may not be using Celo. Invite them to use Celo!
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