The Profile screen provides the following information about a Celo user:


  1. Profile picture
  2. Name
  3. Verified Status
    • verified_profession.png Verified Profession: this user is a verified user, and also has a verified registered profession.
    • verified.png Verified User: this user has undergone Celo's verification process.
    • verified_workplace.png Verified Workplace: this user is a member of a Celo registered workplace.
    • unverified.png Unverified: this user has not verified their identity, nor do they work for a Celo registered workplace.
  4. Connection status
  5. Contact Info, subject to the user's privacy settings
  6. Workplace Info

You may also do the following actions from someone's profile:

Accessing a Colleague's Profile

To connect with a colleague, find and open their profile, through one of the following methods:

Search for their profile in your Network

Find their profile from an existing Chat, Group or Case

To open the profile of a contact that you have a conversation with,

  1. Open the Chat, Group or Case containing that contact.
    • For one-on-one Chats, press their name on top of the conversation to open their profile.
    • For Groups or Cases, press the Group or Case name and view the list of participants under Participants.
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