What is a Case?

The Case is a feature unique to Celo: it provides a formally supported method of discussing patient data.

  • A Case contains all the functionalities of a Group.
  • A Case contains details of a particular patient, visible to everyone in the Case.
  • With the Celo Enterprise License, Case messages can be exported directly to a patient's medical record. This is a feature unavailable in a one-to-one conversation or Group.


Cases remove any potential ambiguity within a conversation about which patient is in the topic of conversation.

However, it is up to you as a user to ensure that the conversation in a Case remains on-topic.

Use a private one-to-one or separate Group conversation to discuss details not directly relevant to the Case.

How do I use Cases in the app?

Check out our section on all Case features. To get started creating a Case, see this article.

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