Case Admins

Case administrators have the following rights:

  • add and remove other Case admins.
  • remove current participants from a Case.

Setting Case Admins

Note that only other Case admins have access to this setting.

To add or remove someone as a Case admin, follow these steps:

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  1. Find and open the Case whose admins you wish to set.
  2. Press the Case name. Case Info will appear.
  3. Press Edit case admins.

  4. The current admins are those that appear with a tick next to their

    name. To change their admin status, tick or untick them.

    • Only current Case participants will appear in the list. If a name is not showing up, ensure that they have been added to the Case.
    • You cannot remove yourself from being an admin in the Case.
  5. Press Save to finalise your changes.
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