Creating a Consent Form (Android, iOS)

    Android and iOS Only

This article applies only to the Android and iOS versions of Celo.

Consent forms cannot be created using the Web app.

Consent forms can be created while taking or uploading a photo to Celo, or created independently.

Creating a Consent Form from scratch
Android iPhone
  1. Open the   Library section of Celo.
  2. Press and open the Consents tab.
  3. Press add_circle-24px-celo_blue.svg to create a new consent form.

Once you have initiated the process of creating a new consent form, follow these steps:

Android iPhone
  1. Choose a consent form template.
  2. Input the patient details.
    • Patient ID is required when creating a consent form.
    • Inputting the patient's name allows for easier search and access.
  3. Press Create. You will be taken to an online document screen for signing.
  4. Ensure that the patient (or their guardian) read the whole form.
  5. Fill out all the required signatures.

    • Press create-24px-celo_blue.svg to make marks and annotate the document.
      • Draw the required signatures, and press Done to save.
      • Alternatively, press Cancel to undo the signature.
    • Press undo.png to undo the last marks that you have made.
    • Press Clear to delete all annotations and start again.
  6. Press Save to upload and store the consent form to the Celo Secure Library.
  7. Confirm all patient details are correct, and press OK.
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