Adding a Workplace to my Celo Profile

This article helps you add a workplace to your Celo profile. You may be adding a workplace to your Celo profile for the first time, or you may be adding another registered workplace. To add a workplace to your Celo profile follow these steps:

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  1. Adding my First Workplace
    • Head to the My Network section of Celo.
    • Open the Workplace tab.
    • Press Add Workplace.
    Adding another Workplace
    • Head to the More section of Celo.
    • Press View your profile.

    • Under Workplace Info, press Add Workplace.
  2. Enter your work email address.
  3. Celo will need to verify this email address. Open the verification code sent to your email, and enter the code on to Celo.
  4. Once verified, you will be provided a list of all available workplaces you can add yourself to.
  5. Provide your work details: your position and the department you belong to. These details will appear on your profile.

Joining a Verified Workplace?

If you have added a workplace that has been verified by Celo, your profile will show a verified workplace badge.

Registering a New Workplace

If you cannot find your workplace, it may not be registered under Celo. Contact us and we will register your workplace:

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  1. Follow the steps to add a new workplace, and enter your work email for this new workplace.
  2. Press Register Workplace.
  3. Provide all details requested within the form and press Submit.

A member of the Celo Support Team will contact you via email for the next steps.

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