Verifying my Identity

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    Android and iOS Only

Currently, Celo's automated identity verification process is available only through the mobile versions of the app on Android and iOS.

If you do not have access to the Celo mobile app, get in touch with us on to discuss alternatives.

Automated identity verification is done in conjunction with our verification partner Onfido  . The process will take around 5 to 10 minutes, and is best done in a calm and private environment.

Upon verifying your identity, your profile will appear with the verified identity badge verified.png. The status of your verification may appear as 'pending' temporarily while it is being processed.

Users that do not have their identity or workplace verified will appear with the unverified badge unverified.png. Users with unverified identities but who work in verified workplaces have the verified workplace badge verified_workplace.png

The Verification Process


Before starting the verification process, ensure that you have the following:

  • A phone with a microphone, front and rear-facing cameras
  • A document that proves your identity, which could be one of:

    • Passport
    • Driver's License
    • National Identity Card
    • Residence Permit Card

We also recommend ensuring that your first and last name within the Celo profile be your legal name. See this article on how to change your name under your profile.

To begin the verification process, follow these steps:

Android iPhone
  1. Press your name or profile picture.
  2. Press View your profile.

  3. Under Identity Verification, press Verify my Identity.
  4. Onfido will begin the verification process. Follow the instructions provided by Onfido on screen. This will take around 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Once you have finished the process, your verification will be reviewed. Once the review process is finished, your identity will appear as verified to other users.


Don't want to go through our automated verification process? Contact us at to discuss alternative ways of verifying your identity.

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